there's early and great. you're 3 hours great today || so I thought and thought and thought and then I hiccuped. || you're spontaneously and sporadically kind and warm || my whole life is fpo || I feel fpo. Sweetie, you are so not fpo, you are high res all the way! || what are you munching on, lorem ipsum? (you are just Greek type, that's all you are to me) || oh, you know I'm not a font girl || sensitive like a shard of glass || I need a man who will loop forever || if only somebody would love me as much as I love Debabelizer || he's fine as long as you can put a paperbag over his personality || Marie Charles || whatever it takes to seduce an angel || my life has an unimplemented trap || you have the emotional capacity of a dial tone. || they say follow your instincts. I don't know who I am! || you're a giver and I'm a taker. that's why we get along. || Thinkers Anonymous || I dress in 16 bit || this is all I can scrape off my memory || if I were a country || I can define you in 3 curves (or less) || celestial cesspool || celestial mechanic || I was reading the dictionary, I thought it was a poem about everything. || oil of delay || "podantic" - to talk down at your feet "hah, hah, I'm taller than you!" || there's a fine line between a good story and a police report || sneakret || not enough sin || mental amputation || you don't translate very well to others (who are human, who aren't like you || somewhere down the load || you always look so sad, like you're still behind the iron curtain || before danny, life was a problem you had to solve. with him, it was easy. || there are more microphones than good ideas || new girl anxiety || i have a feeling he's waiting for the perfect woman. he wants to unwrap her like a birthday gift. || brutal and unnavigable || you look like a piece of candy today || dating is interviewing for love (are you dating? no, still interviewing) || (I saw the Milky Way) -Did you bite it? || There's a beautiful world out there where hand shakes are more important than job numbers. || Betty Crocker is a flour child || part of growing up is exercising your muscles. your heart is a muscle. || time is like a moebius strip || you can always take back words, but you can never take back a pause || great. now I'm gonna have to make horses fly. || I'm a half full boy and you're a half empty girl || I'm a girl. I have a memory like an elephant. "Whatever... Yeah, an elephant that's been drowned in vodka." || her hands like whispers on my skin || I just become incredibly tired - almost 2 dimentional || being superstitious brings bad luck || 'M' stands for melania || I'm dumber than moss." Don't say that about moss." || tapeworm impersonator || she has a cat living inside her head and it's running the whole show || when you're difficult you make perfect sense so you're not annoying || thinking = feeling || the death of a dream, not of a reality || your wish is my Photoshop Filter Command || sometimes when you feel emotional pain it's nice to feel physical pain || your heart poured like syrup over my waffle iron || comfortably uncomfortable || drinking bulimia || an aquarium of thoughts || Last Tango in Paris with a Bagel || <despair mode> || she's the on-ramp to the apocalypse || make the river flow up-hill please || "M" stands for wise || life is to be lived, not resolved || let's take a picture of the dead rock || brain drain || you have to turn over a new petal ... because you're the flower girl || it's like wearing a hug || it's been a routine of nothing || connect the thoughts || throw your clothes over the warning sign || art freak boy, emphasis on freak || spool me, baby (not a type-o) || scott is without a doubt my lifeline || why not speak in dreams? || michael and jello || kid without a bellybutton || today is a day of anguish. please feel free to join in || eat the leaf to the left || on the web, smaller is better || he's traumatized by his own shadow || I'm a little weak for happiness || cerebral sluts || 1.15 11:15 || the Leo syndrome || I hate it when I'm not original in my sorrows || regret syndrome || a little website of a boy || that was definitely a Freudian slip or maybe the whole dress || the nothingness that bleeds || you are bound by 4 corners (every single day) || online designer gets whiplash from imitating squirrel || I'm suspect of things that I don't have || I mean, if I were me... || it's a bellybutton day || the dogs that bite don't bark || cut my arm open, count the rings || he can't even commit to his own sentence, how can he commit to you? || you're so fessional || you're not selfish, I feel the same way || sitemap of my thoughts || Bring your mate to work... year || floppy around || life is an action item || He doesn't make me feel amazing. I know i'm special because he's not. || I've undiscovered my keys! || You play life like you play chess || singing sausage || life's too short for chess || her mouth isn't connected to her brain || will you be my e-mail mistress? || i can make almost anything happen except time || (( quotes by aaron, adam, alex, andie, carl, david, jae, jai, jim, juan carlos, kathleen, kjell, luke, madeline, michael k, mickey, mitchel, nick, paddy, sarah, stephanie, steve f, steve k, sung, toby, walt, and me ))