About Nowhere: Nowhere is a European arts-based festival inspired by Burning Man. It’s held annually in July near Zaragoza, in north-eastern Spain. Nowhere embraces the Burning Man principles of radical self-expression, self-reliance, no commerce, and leave no trace. The extreme conditions and harsh beauty of the Spanish landscape provide a blank and fertile canvas for participants to experiment and create. About the 2009 Census: My goal was to create a form which is quick, intriguing, and useful in planning next year’s festival. With Bubbleboy's input, I designed and distributed a one page, double sided Census form. We condensed the questions to 32 and estimated they would take less than 10 minutes to complete. (The 2008 Burning Man Census had 70 questions while the 2008 Nowhere Census had 55 questions.) 54.5% of people at Nowhere took our survey. 514 tickets were sold and 280 Census forms were completed. We collected 180 forms on site. After the event we published on online survey and collected an additional 100 responses. In 2010 we recommend distributing the Census only through surveymonkey.com. Special thanks: Bubbleboy, Nurse, Count of Nowhere, Chris Element, AnalogueKate, and everyone who participated.